Plastic pollution is a major global environmental issue. Discarded plastics can travel through our river systems, harming wildlife, before arriving in our oceans and entering the food chain.

However, there are positive applications whereby plastic has revolutionised lives, such as medical life-saving devices, and the reduction in the weight of cars and aeroplanes. Such applications reduce fuel and pollution and save lives with such inventions as bicycle helmets and incubators for babies.

Chess Plastics is committed to manufacturing sustainability and taking all possible steps to mitigate the effect on our environment:

  • No single-use plastic items manufactured
  • We work with customers to minimise plastic packaging on finished products
  • We can advise and source recycled plastic raw material if the application allows
  • We have invested in our own on-site recycling plant to reprocess raw materials
  • Commitment to energy use efficiency and reduction through our Climate Change Agreement and Energy saving programme




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