Chess Plastics has extensive knowledge in a wide variety of thermoplastic materials, prime or recycled, filled with glass, talc, or unfilled.

Our sales team will work with you to determine the correct material for your application, and suggest alternatives or source specified materials.

By utilising our gravimetric dosers we can accurately add additives such as flame retardants, anti-microbial and special colours to ensure that your products meet your specifications and colour requirements.

We have a range of dehumidifiers to dry hygroscopic plastic materials such as Nylon, PC and ABS. These engineering polymers need to be dried to exhibit their optimum physical performance and surface finish.

Efficient desiccant dryers can also help the components avoid difficulties such as material shrinkage, splash and sink marks. These types of raw materials require steady low dew-point dry air and constant drying temperature which guarantees a residual moisture content.




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