We aim to provide our customers with a complete high-quality product solution that minimises secondary handling or additional transport costs during the production process.

This commitment saves you time and money with product finishing and assembly support. 

We are happy to carry out all elements of the assembly process in addition to final quality checks. This may involve incorporating other injection moulded parts, bought-in items, labelling, printing and packaging.

Once we have established your requirements, our engineers will design the optimal production set-up to make your complete product to a high standard. Through this, we strive to minimise costs by organising production either close to the moulding machine or within a designated cell.

Many of our customers take advantage of this service in order to dispatch finished products directly to their end customers, such as Asda and Morrisons supermarkets, directly from our warehouse facility.

Please reach out to our sales engineers to learn more about how we can support your specific needs and streamline your production process.




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