Range of Materials

Chess Plastics Ltd has invested in the Company's largest machine to date, a Negri Bossi VH1300 Bi-Power series model, with a shot weight in excess of 11Kg.

Managing Director, Glyn Olden commented, "We are now running on a 24/7 basis, and as such, we need to work in partnership with a Company producing reliable and productive equipment, as well as offering a prompt response should any issues arise. This is our first Bi-Power series machine, and we have been impressed with how accurate and efficient it is."


materialdoserOur expertise in this field allows us to help customers who have little understanding of plastic materials.

The ability of plastics to mould difficult shapes gives rise to the opportunity for cost reduction compared to other traditional materials by being lightweight, tough and recyclable. Chess Plastics is able to ensure that any cost saving benefits are preserved by checking that the material is performing as predicted by using ‘RAPRA’s testing and analysis department.

Along with the selection of material type, we are able to provide a full colour matching service.


Chess plastics has a range of dehumidifiers to dry hygroscopic plastic materials such as Nylon, PC and ABS.  These engineering polymers need to be dried to exhibit their optimum physical performance and surface finish.

Efficient desiccant dryers can also help the components avoid difficulties such as material shrinkage, splash and sink marks. These types of raw material require steady low dew-point dry air and constant drying temperature which guarantees a residual moisture content.