Injection Moulding Services West & East Midlands


  • Operator training and grading system


  • 24 hour availability
  • ISO9001:2015  IATF16949:2016
  • Family owned with long standing employees
  • Smooth transition from design through to tooling and production


  • Low overheads 
  • Reducing stocks
  • Modern machinery with robots and power savers

Injection moulding is a cost-effective way to create plastic components on a large volume basis. Although the initial set-up cost of designing and manufacturing a mould tool can be higher than for other processes such as rotational moulding, the quicker cycle time, durability, and repeatability of plastic injection moulding can reduce piece part costs compared to other plastic process methods.

In the process of injection-moulding, plastic pellets are melted and extruded through a heated chamber by a screw and then injected into a specialised mould. The part cools in the mould until it is solid enough to be ejected, either mechanically or by compressed air. Mould tools can be designed to have one or many cavities and, based on your specified requirements, we can help with tool design to meet your annual volume requirements.

Chess Plastics has invested in a range of modern machinery between 500t and 1300T and will optimise the setting process parameters and can arrange tool maintenance to ensure that your mould tool produces good quality parts to meet your requirements.

Injection moulding offers a vast array of different polymers with different characteristics and properties. Colour choices can usually be matched to any Pantone or RAL references. We can assist with suitable material choices, polishes, surface textures, and cosmetics as required. 


Professional Injection-Moulding Midlands

Trading for over 50 years, we have continually adapted and updated our manufacturing operations to offer our clients flexibility, reliability and quality to meet their requirements. We have expanded our machine range from 500T to 1300T to enable a wide range of product size and weight manufacturing.

Today, we utilise 21 large moulding machines, each with an ABB robot based in our 56,000sq ft factory in Droitwich to provide a wide range of product designs. We can quickly produce mouldings both large and small. At our smallest, we can create parts that are 300 mm square. At our largest, we are able to produce components that measure 1200 mm square and offer a range of secondary services, including assembly and bespoke packaging to produce goods ready to ship to your customer if required.

Chess Plastics takes great care to ensure the precision and accuracy of everything we produce and are accredited to IATF 16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015 quality system standards. We use our Mattec Real-Time Monitoring System to view and monitor the real-time production from our injection moulding machines and track your orders.

With an excellent road network, we are positioned to offer exceptional injection-moulding services in West & East Midlands and beyond. 

So if you require the services of the industry experts at Chess Plastics, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss how we can assist you. Please feel free to reach us directly at +44 (0) 1905 794405.