Glyn Olden

Hello everyone, today we have a fascinating infographic for you that has been produced by the British Plastics Federation that is packed with information about how the plastics industry in the UK has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out facts about Coronavirus related plastic products including hand sanitiser bottles, face visors, face masks, plastic screens and more by viewing […]

Here is a helpful infographic from the folks at New Berlin Plastics that offers information to help with evaluating part failure in injection moulded components. Check out some likely areas for part failure, the types of failure and pinpoint the problem.

Here is an informative timeline infographic from the guys at Globe Packaging that provides lots of information about the history of plastic. The piece is broken down into sections including here the story begins, from celluloid to synthetic plastic, from polyvinyl chloride to PET and from polyethylene bags to modern plastic. Via The Local Brand

Here is a great looking infographic from the guys at New Berlin Plastics which highlights the primary benefits of metal-to-plastic conversion and why so many have embraced replacing metal with plastic. View information about thermoplastic production benefits, how plastics can be tailored to meet your precise requirements and more.

Here is a fantastic infographic from the Wisconsin based company called New Berlin Plastics providing information about things you should consider during the initial design process for plastic injection moulding. Learn about why you should design to manufacture, anticipate draft, address wall thickness and more by reading this piece.

Here is an interesting infographic produced by the website AV Plastics that takes a look at manufacturing and sustainability in plastics. The infographic provides information about materials, regeneration, biodegradables, bioplastics and more. We hope that you enjoy this piece and please share it on social media.

Got an interesting infographic here from the people at AV Plastics that is full of useful information about injection moulding. Learn about the injection moulding process, the benefits of good injection moulding product design, the injection moulding strategy and more by reading this piece.