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Chess Plastics Ltd was incorporated in 1968 in Tring, Hertfordshire by Malcolm and Marilyn Olden. Originally a small specialist injection moulding company, investments in technology, marketing and factory space have enabled steady growth and diversification.

Today, Chess Plastics is still a family run concern with Glyn and Gareth Olden as the controlling Directors and incorporating an organised work force operating from 35,000 square feet in Droitwich, Worcestershire working a 3 shift system, 24 hours a day.

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What's New?

The current climate still proves difficult for plastics manufacturers especially with the large increases in polymer costs over the past months but Chess have again tried to keep one move "ahead of the game". Chess have continued to invest in new larger moulding machines and have recently bought another 1000 tonne & 650 tonne machine both with ABB six axis robots.

This has enabled Chess to secure further new contracts for 2012/2013 with over 30 new moulds being manufactured and project managed in Asia combined with various new moulds that have been manufactured in the Uk. This extra new work combined with existing projects from companies who have made Chess their moulder of choice meant taking on a dedicated weekend shift to increase operations to 24 hours a day 7 days a week thus truly being flexible and adaptable to changing customer demands.

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Specialist Machines

Chess Plastics Ltd has invested in the Company's largest machine to date, a Negri Bossi VH1300 Bi-Power series model, with a shot weight in excess of 11Kg. Managing Director, Glyn Olden commented, "We are now running on a 24/7 basis, and as such, we need to work in partnership with a Company producing reliable and productive equipment, as well as offering a prompt response should any issues arise. This is our first Bi-Power series machine, and we have been impressed with how accurate and efficient it is."

What is Produced

The wide range of machines at Chess Plastics means that we can produce medium to large injection mouldings from 500 grams to 12,000 grams in weight.

Many traditional materials are being replaced by plastics due to their durability, strength, low cost and low weight - in particular, the automotive industry has increased plastic usage from 8.5% by weight in a typical car in 1984, up to approximately 11%. Such 'metal replacement' in cars can help to reduce total car weight and therefore reduce emissions of CO2.

The Process

In broad terms, the process of plastic injection moulding consists of feeding raw material granules and additives such as colour, into a hopper situated on the moulding machine. The raw material enters a heated barrel with reciprocating screw and the molten plastic is then injected at considerable force into a two part mould tool specific to the item being produced. After the material enters the mould it is cooled, the mould opens and the completed part is ejected or removed.

Chess Plastics are able to offer a wide range of secondary operations such as printing, chroming, assembly and specific packaging to produce products ready to ship direct to your customer.

Chess Plastics was founded by Malcolm and Marilyn Olden in Tring in 1968. Since then due to investment and diversification, this injection moulding company has grown to offer a full range of services from design to manufacture of a wide range of plastic products, secondary operations including components for interior and exterior applications where painting, welding, chroming and printing are required.

Midlands based Chess Plastics have been in the business of plastic moulding for over 45 years, customers and suppliers have watched Chess Plastics expand from a small family operation to a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week success. We are still owned and run by the Olden family who proudly employ a team of excellent employees many of whom contribute via lean manufacture to a culture synonymous with continuous improvements.

In order to stay at the cutting edge of plastics manufacturing, Chess Plastics places significant importance on investment in new modern machinery which helps in expanding our capabilities, whether it's a larger injection mould tool or a more precise engineering part, we want all our machines to provide peak performance so that they allow our work to reach customer requirements.

BSI ISO 9001:2008 rated, Chess go beyond just supplying top quality moulded parts and plastic products, we are pleased to lead the way in customer service and efficient operations. Our clients appreciate having one point of contact with the company and in turn experience detailed knowledgeable immediate attention. Other services we offer include a tool maintenance program including insurance, as well as on time deliveries and tool collection / transportation.

Low overheads combined with power-saving machinery let Chess Plastics offer you competitive prices for all of your plastics needs, as we grow these core values will only improve further exceeding customer expectations.

When you want the best in UK moulding, come to Chess Plastics for a friendly and professional service.

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